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RNBA2000LAKERS   2000 Los Angeles Lakers NBA "World Champions" 14K Gold Ring With All Real Diamonds
RNCAABK00SPARTANS   2000 Michigan State Spartans NCAA Basketball "National Champions" 10K Gold Ring
PMLB00ALLSTAR   2000 MLB *All-Star* Game Pendant!
RMLB00METS   2000 New York Mets National League Champions 10K Yellow Gold Ring!
RMLB01DIAMONDBACKS1   2001 Arizona Diamondbacks World Series Champions 14K Gold Ring with All Real Diamonds
RMLB01DIAMONDBACKS   2001 Arizona Diamondbacks World Series Champions Sterling Silver "C-Version" Ring!
RNBA2001LAKERS   2001 Los Angeles Lakers NBA "World Champions" 14K Gold & Diamond *Real* Ring! *Shaquille O'Neal*
PMLB2002ANGELS   2002 Anaheim Angels World Series Champions 14K Gold Pendant
RNHL02REDWINGS   2002 Detroit Red Wings "Stanley Cup" Champions 10K Gold Ring w/ *Genuine* Diamonds & Rubies!
RNBA02LAKERS   2002 Los Angeles Lakers NBA "World Champions" 14K Gold Ring With All Real Diamonds
CLNCAA02OHIOST   2002 Ohio State Buckeyes Football "National Champions" 10K Gold Cuff Links
RMLB02GIANTS   2002 San Francisco Giants World Series "N.L. Champions" 10K Gold & Diamond Ring!
RNFL02BUCCANEERS   2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII Champions 14K Gold & Diamond Ring
RMLB03MARLINS   2003 Florida Marlins World Series Champions 10K Gold Ring!
RMLB03MARLINS1   2003 Florida Marlins World Series Champions 14K Gold Ring w/ all Real Diamonds and Rubies!
RNCAA03FSU   2003 Florida State Seminoles FSU NCAA Football "ACC" Champions 10K Gold Ring!
RNCAAFB03BULLDOGS   2003 Fresno St. Bull Dogs "Silicon Valley Bowl" Champions Football Ring!
RNCAA03FRESNO   2003 Fresno State "Silicon Valley Bowl" Champions NCAA Football Championship Ring
JMLB03Dodgers   2003 Los Angeles Dodgers Team-Signed Home Jersey (33- Autographs)!
RNCAAB03ORALROBERTS   2003 Oral Roberts Univ. NCAA Baseball "Conference Champions" Ring
PNBA03SPURS   2003 San Antonio Spurs NBA World Champions 14K Gold and Diamond Pendant.
RNCAABB03GAMECOCKS   2003 South Carolina Gamecocks College World Series Championship 10K Gold Ring
RNCAA03SYRACUSE   2003 Syracuse Orangemen NCAA "National Champions" 10K Gold Basketball Ring!
RNCAA03HOOKIES   2003 Virginia Tech Hokies "Insight Bowl" Champions Ring
RNCAA04MARYLAND   2004 Maryland Terrapins "Gator Bowl" Champions NCAA Football Ring!
RNFL04PATRIOTS   2004 New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Champions *Real* Front-Office Ring!
RNCAAB04ORALROBERTS   2004 Oral Roberts Univ. NCAA Baseball Conference Champions Ring
RMLB04CARDINALS   2004 St. Louis Cardinals World Series "N.L." Champions 10K Gold Ring
RMLB04Cardinals1   2004 St. Louis Cardinals World Series "National League" Championship 10K Gold & Diamond *Real* Ring!
RNHL04LIGHTNING   2004 Tampa Bay Lightning "Stanley Cup" Champions 14K Gold Ring with all real Diamonds!
RNCAA04USC   2004 USC Trojans Football "National Champions" 10K Gold Ring!
RNCAA05SUNDEVILS   2005 Arizona State Sun Devils "Insight Bowl" Football Champions Ring!
RBOXING05THECONTENDER   2005 Boxing Ring from the TV Show The Contender.
RNCAA05FSU   2005 Florida State Seminoles "Gator Bowl" Champions Gold-Plate Ring!
RMLB05ASTROS   2005 Houston Astros World Series "National League" Champions 10K Gold & Diamond *Real* Ring!
PNCAA05LONGHORNS   2005 Texas Longhorns "National Champions" 10K Gold Pendant
RNCAA06SUNDEVILS   2006 Arizona St. Sun Devils "Hawaii Bowl" Championship Ring!
PNCAA06CALBEARS   2006 Cal Bears "Pac-10" Champions NCAA Football Pendant!
RNFL06BEARS   2006 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XLI "N.F.C." Champions 10K Gold & Diamond Player's Ring
RNCAA06GATORS   2006 Florida Gators "National Champions" 10K Gold Ring!
RNBA06Heat   2006 Miami Heat N.B.A. World Champions 14K Gold & Diamond *Real* Ring in the Original Wood Presentation Box! {{ Rare Player's Version }}
RMLB06ALLSTAR   2006 MLB "All-Star Game" 14K Gold-Plated Ring
RNFL06SEAHAWKS   2006 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XL NFC Champions 14K Diamonds Championship Ring
H06NCAARULONDAVIS   2006-08 Rulon Davis Cal Bears Game-Worn Used & Autographed Riddell Football Helmet
RNCAA07ARIZONA   2007 Arizona St. Sun Devils Pac-10 Champions / Holiday Bowl Footballl Ring.
RMLB07REDSOX   2007 Boston Red Sox "World Series" Champions Ring!
RNCAA07CLEMSON   2007 Clemson Tigers "Chick Fil-A Bowl" NCAA Football Championship Ring!
RNFLEUROPE07SEADEVILS   2007 Hamburg Sea Devils NFL Europe "World Bowl" Champions 10K Gold Ring
RNCAA07LSU   2007 LSU Tigers "SEC Champions" Player's Football Ring!
RNCAA08CLEMSON   2008 Clemson Tigers "Gator Bowl" NCAA Football Championship Ring!
RNCAA09CLEMSON   2009 Clemson Tigers "ACC" Atlantic Div. NCAA Football Championship Ring!
RNCAAFOOTBALL09CLEMENSON   2009 Clemson Tigers "ACC" Champions Player's Ring
RMLB09YANKEES   2009 New York Yankees /Tampa Yankees Minor League Champions Ring
RNCAA09OREGON   2009 Oregon Ducks "Pac-10" Champions Football Ring!
PNFL10GREENBAY   2010 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Champions 14K Gold & Diamond Pendant!
RNCAA10OREGON   2010 Oregon Ducks "Back to Back" Pac-10 Champions Ring.
RNCAA09BAYLOR   2011 Baylor Bears "Alamo Bowl" Champions NCAA Football Ring!
RNCAA11CLEMSON   2011 Clemson Tigers "A.C.C." NCAA Football Championship Ring!
RNCAA12BAYLOR   2012 Baylor Bears 'Holiday Bowl" Champions NCAA Football Ring!
RMLB12TIGERS   2012 Detroit Tigers "A.L. Champions" 10K Gold Championship Ring.
RNCAA12SANDIEGO   2012 San Diego State Aztecs "Mountain West" NCAA Football Championship Ring!
RNCAABKTBALLMICHIGAN   2013 Michigan Wolverines "Big-10" Champions Women's Basketball Team (Huge Men's Ring)!
RNCAA14FSU   2014 Florida State Seminoles "ACC" NCAA Football Champions Ring!
RNCAABSKBALL14KENTUCKY   2014 Kentucky Wildcats NCAA "Final-Four" Finalist Championship Basketball Ring!
RNCAA15FSU   2015 Florida St. Seminoles NCAA Football "State" Champions Ring!
RNBA16CAVALIERS   2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA "World Champions" Ring!
RNCAA16FSU   2016 Florida State Seminoles "Orange Bowl" NCAA Football Champions Ring!
BMLB17SIMMONS   2017 Andrelton Simmons Los Angeles Angels Game-Used Bat
RNCAA17AUBURN   2017 Auburn Tigers "SEC West" Champions Ring!
RNCAA17BOISE   2017 Boise St. Broncos NCAA Football "Mountain West" Champions Ring!
RRACING97CART   Alex Zanardi 1997 CART "World Series Champions" 14K Gold INDY Car Racing Ring
JMLB88GRIFFINDODGERS   Alfredo Griffin 1988 LA Dodgers Game Used / Worn Jersey
WNCAAFOOTBALL83   Anthony Carter's 1983 Michigan Wolverines Rose Bowl Watch with LOA
HNFL2000RAMS   Az-Zahir Hakim's 2000-2001 St. Louis Rams Game-Worn / Used Riddell Helmet.
MLBBATBonds   Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants Game-Used & Autographed Bat
RNBAHALLOFFAME   Basketball "Hall Of Fame" 10K Gold Ring
JMLB85BOONE   Bob Boone's 1985 California Angels Game-Worn Road Jersey #8
JMLB82BOONE   Bob Boone's Circa 1982-84 California Angels Road Jersey
HMLB2012POSEY   Buster Posey's 2012 San Francisco Giants Game-Worn and Autographed Batting Helmet with MLB Authentication!
RMLB83YASTRZEMSKI   Carl Yastrzemski's 1983 Boston Red Sox 10K Gold Retirement Ring.
AUTOSTENGEL   CASEY STENGEL (NY Yankees) Autograph Vintage 1942 Signed Original Check - RARE!
VGUMBALLMACHINE   Circa 1950's Football Themed Gum Ball Machine
PMLB60KANSASCITY   Circa 1960's Kansas City A's Cuff Links
AUTO92BIGGIO   Craig Biggio's Signed 1992 *All-Star Game* Expense Check!
JMLB10HAREN   Dan Haren's 2010 Anaheim Angels Game-Worn Jersey with *All-Star* Game Patch!
JMLB11HAREN   Dan Haren's 2011 Los Angeles Angels Game-Worn Road Jersey #24 w/ the "50th Anniversary" Patch!
JMLBERSTAD   Darin Erstad's Los Angeles Angels Game Worn Road Jersey W/ All Propper Tagging
JMLB01-WELLS   David Wells 2001 Chicago White Sox Game-Worn Home Pin Stripe Jersey!
JMLBGAGNE   Eric Gagne's Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Worn Road Jersey.
BTRUNKSHOLYFIELD   Evander Holyfield Training Used and Signed Boxing Shorts (JSA)!
BOXINGHOLYFIELD   Evander Holyfield's 2010 Fight-Worn and Autographed Trunks!
JMLBANDERSON   Garret Anderson's Los Angeles Angels Game-Worn Home Jersey
TNCAA82Morris   George Achica's 1982 "Morris Trophy" (Most Outstanding Lineman Award)!
RNCAABB90ANTHONY   Greg Anthony's 1990 NCAA Basketball Champions 10K Gold Ring
RNCAABB90REBELS1   Greg Anthony's 1990 UNLV Running Rebels Basketball "National Champions" 10K Gold Ring
THARTMEMORIAL   Hart Memorial Trophy Presented to the NHL's Most Valuable Player
RNCAA87SOONERS   HUGE 1987 Oklahoma Sooners Football “Big-Eight” Conference Championship Ring
BBELTHOGAN   Hulk Hogan's Heavyweight Championship Wrestling Belt! *Autographed*
JMLBWEAVER   Jared Weaver's 2007 Anaheim Angels Game-Worn Home Jersey #36
JMLB05WASHBURN   Jarrod Washburn 2005 Anaheim Angels Game-Worn Road Jersey #56!
RRACING97WINSTON   Jeff Gordon 1997 "Winston Million" NASCAR Championship 10K Gold Ring
JMLB15DODGERSPEDERSON   Joc Pederson's 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Worn Jersey #31
RNCAA08USC   Joe McKnight's 2008 USC Trojans" Pac-12" Champions / "Rose Bowl" Champions Ring!
AUTO89SMOLTZ   John Smoltz's Signed 1989 *All-Star Game* Expense Check!
BBELT97TAPIA   Johnny "Mi Vida Loca" Tapia's 1997 I.B.F. Championship Boxing Belt!
JMLB95MESA   Jose Mesa's 1995 *All-Star* Game Cleveland Indians Game Worn & Autographed Home Jersey
BOXINGCHAVEZ   Julio Cesar Chavez Fight-Worn & Autographed Boxing Trunks!
HNCAAUSCCASEY   Jurrell Casey's USC Trojans Game-Worn Helmet!
JMLBROGERS   Kenny Rogers 1997 New York Yankees Game-Worn Road Jersey #17
RNCAABB05HURRICANES   Kevin Sheary's 2005 Miami Hurricanes "Hall Of Fame" Baseball Championship Ring
AUTOLAUREL   Laurel & Hardy - STAN LAUREL Autograph Vintage Signed Check (1929) RARE Original
RMLB79ALLSTAR   Lee MacPhail's 1979 MLB All-Star Game Ring
RMLB81ALLSTAR   Lee MacPhail's 1981 MLB All-Star Game Ring
RMLB81ALLSTAR1   Lee MacPhail's 1982 MLB All-Star Game Ring
RMLB85ALLSTAR   Lee MacPhail's 1985 MLB All-Star Game Ring
RMLB86ALLSTAR   Lee MacPhail's 1986 MLB All-Star Game Ring
RMLBALLSTARLOT   Lee MacPhail's Lot Of Five MLB All-Star Game Rings
BOXINGLEWIS   Lennox Lewis Cornerman Jacket belonging to Hall-of-Fame Trainer Emanuel Steward!
BBKAZUSHIA   Los Angeles Dodgers Game-used "Kaz" Kazuhisa Ishii Mizuno Pro Model Baseball Bat with Tons of Use!
JNCAAFBUTAH   Marty Johnson's 2005 Utah "Fiesta Bowl" Game-Worn Jersey #1! {{12-0}}
JMLB14KEMP   Matt Kemp #27 2014 Dodgers Game-Worn MLB Used Uniform / Jersey
RMLB83MANTLE   Mickey Mantle's 1983 Lifetime Achievement 10K Gold Retirement Ring #7
BOXINGTYSON   Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley Full / Unused $800.00 *Genuine* Ticket!
RNCAA60MINNESOTA   Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Lettermen's Championship Ring.
RBOXINGALI   Muhammad Ali 1964 / '74 World Champion 10K Boxing Championship Ring!!!
RNFL93-COWBOYS   Player's 1993 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVIII Champions 10K Gold Ring with all Real Diamonds!
JMLB09IBANEZ   Raul Ibanez 2009 Philadelphia Phillies Game Issued Jersey with the All-Star Game Patch
JMLB80SMITH   Reggie Smith 1980 L.A. Dodgers Game-Used Worn Jersey \*ALL-STAR* Season Uniform!
JMLB93VENTURA   Robin Ventura 1993 Chicago White Sox Game-Worn & Autographed Road Jersey!
JMLB95VENTURA   Robin Ventura's 1995 Chicago White Sox Game-Worn & 2X Autographed Black Alternate Jersey!
TGOLDGLOVE96   Robin Ventura's 1996 Gold Glove Award Presented by Rawlings
JMLB08CANO   Robinson Cano's New York Yankees Game-Worn Home Jersey
RNHL73ALLSTAR   Rogie Vachon's 1973 N.H.L. *All-Star* Game 10K Gold Ring
AWARD   Rollie Fingers' 1980 National League Sporting News "Fireman-of-the Year" Award! *Autographed*
H2007ASUCARPENTER   Rudy Carpenter's 2007 Arizona St. Sun Devils Game-Worn and Autographed Nike Helmet!
JMLB01ALOMAR   Sandy Alomar Junior's 2001 Chicago White Sox Game-Worn & Autographed Road Jersey!
JMLB15SLYKE   Scott Van Slyke's 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Worn / Used Home Jersey #33 with the Postseason Patch and MLB Authentication Hologram.
TROPHYVACHON74   Seagram's 7 Crowns of Sports Hockey Award for November, 1974 given to Los Angeles Kings goalie Rogatien Vachon.
JMLB95Green   Shawn Green's 1995 *Rookie Year* Toronto Blue Jays "Game-Worn" Home Jersey #15
NASCAR ROBINSON   Shawna Robinson's Race-Worn Simpson Helmet with Custom Paint Job & Autographed!
HNCAA71REGGIEBERRY   Super RARE Vintage 1971 REGGIE BERRY Game Worn / Used Autographed Football Helmet! NCAA
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NCAAMISC51TENNIS   This is a vintage, 1951 Oklahoma Sooners "Big-Seven" NCAA Men's Tennis Championship Tie Bar!
HNCAFOOTBALL01CARTER   Tim Carter's 2001 Auburn Tigers Game Worn & Autographed Football Helmet!
JMLB88LEARYDODGERS   Tim Leary's 1988 L.A. Dodgers Game Used / Worn Jersey!!
AUTO95GWYNN   Tony Gwynn's 1995 *All-Star Game* Expense Check!
RNBA69Celtics   Very Rare 1969 Boston Celtics N.B.A. World Champions 10K Gold Ring!
RNASL73ATOMS   Very Rare 1973 Philadelphia Atoms North American Soccer League 10K Gold Championship Ring
BBELT87PAZIENZA   Vinny "The Pazmanian Devil" Pazienza's 1987 I.B.F. Championship Boxing Belt!
JMLB03GUERRERO   Vladimir Guerrero's Montreal Expos Game-Worn Road Jersey #27
JMLB75ALSTON   Walt Alston's 1975 L.A. Dodgers Game-Worn Road Jersey #24! {{ Retired # }}
JMLB15DODGERSPUIG1   Yasiel Puig 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Game Worn Complete Uniform #66
JMLB15DODGERSPUIG   Yasiel Puig's 2015 Post Season Game Used Dodgers Rd Jersey #66 MLB Authenticated

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