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Scott Welkowsky is the President and founder of Out Of This World Memorabilia. He started the business in 1993 and is currently entering his 18th year in Southern California. He has been collecting championship rings and other rare memorabilia since 1992. He has become one of the leading authorties & retailers of championship rings in the world with over 400 rings in his possession, for sale. Scott is one of the most knowledgeable ring dealers in the hobby. He has been a major supplier to some of the largest auction houses in the country. He has consigned 100's of rings through the years to auction houses such as Christy's, Sotheby's, Grey Flannel, Leland's, Legendary, (Formerly Mastro), SCP(David Kohler), Heritage, Vintage Authentics, & American Memorabilia. He has been interviewed by HBO, ESPN and other local news and radio stations.

Scott has an impressive amount of Championship rings currently for sale as well as a huge boxing collection. He also deals in trophies, game-used equipment, Jerseys, and other rare and unusual sports items. Scott Welkowsky knows more about Championship rings than any other dealer in the hobby. When he says he has 400+ rings, this means they are owned by him and in his possession. They are not on consignment or being shopped around. This is an important distinction from many of his competitors. When you purchase a ring from Scott you can trust that you are getting exactly what he has represented.

How Scott got his start in the industry.

When Scott was 8-years-old, he began going into his local Newberry's & Thrifty's drug stores, purchasing as many baseball cards as he possibly could, with allowance & gardening money he saved-up. By the time Scott was 14, he was already going to card shows at the Disneyland Hotel, Knott's Berry Farm - Buena Park Hotel, & the Marriott LAX Hotel ...Even setting-up at a few of them. From sports cards, Scott moved-on to collecting game-worn jerseys, game-used bats, and other unique game-worn items when he was 16. He was purchasing from hobby pioneers - Dick Dobbins, Ken Slater & Lou Costanzo, Dennis Walker, to name a few. Then, Scott started helping-out one of the biggest companies in the industry {C & S Sports Nostalgia}, at the "National Sports Collectors Convention" in the early 1980's. Soon after, he found his real passion in Championship Rings. This was the beginning of his dream-job, dealing in extremely rare, one-of-a-kind sport memorabilia! In his late teens, Scott was hired by California Numismatic Investments in Redondo Beach, California, and worked over 5-years for C.N.I. . After a great experience working for CNI, he decided it was time to move-on, and Scott created his own business, Out of This World Memorabilia in 1993.